By John Noble.

This is a tale of loyal men and true
Who cherished their land and their monarch too
The year is 1811, in a century full of woe
The place at the top of Ulster, in the valley of the Roe

Orange is the colour, No Surrender is the cry
For here are men of Ulster, who will forever try
To defend their beloved nation, to fight for freedom’s cause
From the evil of the Papists who seek to break its laws

The Battle of the Diamond in the County of Armagh
Had brought the Orange name alive to people near and far
To Newtown Limavady the Orange cause did come
With Lodges walking proudly to the sound of fife and drum

Twelve years had seen the brethren in Lodges all around
But to form an Orange District the urgent need was found
And so the call was heard by the brethren in the sticks
And the lodge was formed we know today as Limavady Number Six

King George the Third was sovereign of this nation that we love
And our great and heavenly Father blessed the District from above
It stood on Orange principles – some would say it’s tribal
But the District had a rule book – the Word of God, the Bible

Through years of tribulation the District has stood strong
Standing for the truth of God, knowing right from wrong
Led by men of honour, men of Ulster one and all
Who keep the flags still flying from every Orange hall

Some times and dates are worth recalling, always standing out
For Limavady Number 6 – it is history they’re about
Two hundred years of loyal service, standing for the cause
Upholding God and Ulster, and obeying all its laws

The District has a habit of standing for the Queen
It’s loyalty unquestioned – that can be clearly seen
From 1837 was an era of great strength
With the crowning of Victoria – a Queen who reigned at length

Just over thirty years had passed and the nation was in trouble
For hunger stalked the people with the crop just rotten stubble
The population dwindled but the District did survive
The Great Potato Famine from 1845

The year was 1856, the place of birth was local
A child was born to a rural home, but he was no country yokel
He made his mark across the world – a Brother from Limavady
Prime Minister of New Zealand was William Ferguson Massey

The turning of a century, Home Rule was all the rage
The loyal Act of Union was opposed at every stage
But Limavady District stood loyal to the core
This land of ours is British, we’ll fight on every shore

And so the Ulster Covenant in the year of 1912
Was signed in the blood of Ulstermen to the sound of clanging bell
The Ulster Volunteer Force was raised to defend the cause
To stand for King and Country and not to count the cost

But enemies within were soon ignored for some without
The dark cloud of the Germans brought a nation to a shout
We’ll not let Krauts defeat us, be we Billy, Mick or Tom
And the sons of Limavady marched onward to the Somme

Through all these years of turmoil Limavady men stood true
They fought and died for Ulster and for their monarch too
The District Lodge remembers those Brethren who made their stand
So that the Union Flag could ever flutter and fly across our land

Despite the problems post-war, Number Six just grew and grew
They marched the streets of Ulster’s towns with banners orange and blue
The brethren stood together upholding the Orange cause
They knew the need to help each one never mind their many flaws

But then once more as a nation, the shadow of war was cast
It was Hitler and the Nazis that our people had to blast
An evil, dangerous people were run through – through and through
And the Orange of Limavady once again fought hard and true

Like times before the District had to pay a heavy cost
In brethren and in injury they ensured that freedom was not lost
But this is what Orange stands for – and the Limavady men
The right to show we’re loyal – to God and Ulster’s friends

Like all in Northern Ireland, we were opposed in troubled days
By cowardly Republican terrorists that detested all our ways
Subjected to murder, to terror and to bomb
Sure Limavady District continued to march along

The brethren served with honour – U.D.R. and R.U.C.
And Ulster’s finest fighting force – the famous U.S.C.
They fought against the rebels, loyal to a man
Against the cowards of Ireland the brethren took their stand

Today we salute their memory, we toast their bravery too
For Limavady District stands proud of the gallant few
Loyal brethren one and all, a group of Ulstermen
Who served and died, side-by-side – forever Orangemen

Today the District Number Six is proud to remember all
Who through the years have joined the ranks to answer Ulster’s call
Today the Limavady men still stand up to the fore
With brethren in our own wee land as well as other shores

The District proudly carries the colours of the Queen
And leaves its mark in any place that it has ever been
It stands for God and Ulster and serves its Sovereign well
Sure when the parade is coming the District casts its spell

In the town of Limavady, Crimson Defenders meet in the hall
But so do No Surrender and Purple Heroes standing tall
And Nine Nine Seven also, Ex-Servicemen is its name
Four Lodges wearing Orange – all William’s men they claim

Head out toward the by-pass and on to Binevenagh view
Three Lodges there with two of them proudly called True Blue
Myroe is numbered Two Five Nine – Aghanloo Six Five Six
And Bellarena further on – they’re always up to tricks!

Moving back towards the city – to Ballykelly we do come
In the village a place to find some other loyal sons
Ballykelly Six Nine O has somewhere nice to go
And up the road in Ballynarrig you come to Six Five O

Along the valley of the Roe are Lodges good and true
Edenmore and Ballyquin are just to name but two
Across the river Largy sits with Ardinariff next
And then Boveva Purple Star to make one less than six

Two O Three Six is the newest Lodge sitting up the road
Dungiven Crown and Faith Defenders have had a heavy load
More loyal men you could not find in this our great wee land
Sure they themselves have a new recruit – a very good flute band

With self-styled Lord McCorkell sitting at the head
The Lord from Not-An-Inch Island has a Lodge that’s far from dead
As part of Londonderry – County Lodge I have to say
Sure Limavady is the tops – the premier Lodge today

So here for 2011 the District marks the date
Two hundred years of warrant – it’s time to celebrate
The Orange cause is vibrant in Limavady town
With Lodges sitting proudly in townlands all around

The Orange flag is flying – the brethren have great reason
To say thanks to our Father for every marching season
To show our colour proudly that all around might see
The Orange brethren marching for Ulster and our Queen

To the County’s premier District we say two hundred well done
And look forward to the Twelfth Day and marching in the sun
To gather at the Orange Field – if you can get it fixed
For the arrival of the District – Limavady Number 6

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