“The Sash Our Fathers Wore” The History of Orangeism in Limavady and District 1798 – 2004 by David Brewster Foreword The history of the Orange Order is difficult and contentious topic for a book. It is extremely difficult to find objective reports of the Order; with newspapers in particular being more partisan than a modern reader might initially expect. Too many commentators are over eager to attribute any sectarian incident to “Orangemen” without any proof of the Institution’s involvement, and this has certainly been noticeable in reading some of the old newspapers. The Institution is not by its nature a good keeper of records, with many Lodge minute books having been lost or thrown out, as their value as a source of local history has not been appreciated. When records do exist, they are sparse and rarely provide anything more than the most basic details of office-bearers and finances. The redeeming factor is that so much Orange history is preserved in tales handed down through generations and I am privileged to have spoken to many senior Brethren-too numerous to properly acknowledge here-who are able to put flesh on the bones of Lodge records.

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