This centre is the home of Orangeism in Limavady and an expression of the vibrancy of the Orange tradition in the area.

The Loyal Orange Institution was founded in 1795 at Loughgall in County Armagh. However there were earlier Orange movements between 1690 and 1795 and some were active in County Londonderry. There is an account, for example, of an ‘Orange Club’ meeting at Clubhill between Ringsend and Garvagh and giving the area its name. Little information survives on these earlier and less-structured Orange movements.

It is believed that the first Orange lodges in Limavady were formed between 1798 and 1800. By 1811 Limavady had sufficient lodges to have an Orange District. This brought several lodges in an area under an administrative umbrella.

The Limavady Orange Centre has a fantastic display of interpretive panels and historical artefacts which help explain the history of the Orange tradition in this area.

The various rooms of interest in the centre all feature interpretive panels to tell you more of the story of Orangeism in Limavady.

You will also be able to view audio video presentations and see lots of artefacts from various historical periods. Artefacts which are on display in the main interpretive room include early Orange jewels and medals, regalia and certificates as well as old minute books and other aspects of the material culture of the Orange Institution in the area.

Among the items on display include many relating to 19th century Orangeism, the Home Rule period and the First World War.

In the Philips Room you can follow historical events on our unique timeline, which details important events in Orange history, the history of Northern Ireland and the development of Limavady.

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