Press Release – 19 June 2011

Limavady District LOL No. 6, which consists of 15 lodges, have voiced their disgust and abhorrence at the appointment of Sean McGlinchey, as Mayor of Limavady.

Worshipful District Master James McCorkell said that members had been sickened at the appointment and said this feeling was shared by the vast majority of people throughout the District.

“Members have also received reports that in neighbouring Coleraine, scene of the lethal bomb placed by McGlinchey 38 years ago, there was deep resentment at his elevation to so high a position in civic society.

“There should be no place for people, such as this in high Office at the expense of honest, law abiding people. It is simply wrong, and a step too far for even the most moderate of Unionists.

“Multiple murderers deserve to be in jail for the rest of their lives, not serving in the highest Office our land has to offer.”


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