Message from W.Bro. James McCorkell
WDM, Limavady District LOL No. 6

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to this, our first ever District Awards Night. I bid a very special welcome to all our dignitaries and special guests. We are honoured to have you all with us.

Tonight we pay tribute to several groups of people within the District. There are those Brethren who have served in the Institution  fifty or more years and there are Brethren who have given that little bit extra in terms of dedication  and service. To the Brethren who have been nominated, shortlisted and indeed those who will win Awards tonight I want to say big congratulations to you all.

You will  notice from tonight’s Awards that  Orangeism in  Limavady is blessed with an abundance of talented members, of all ages and walks of life who faithfully serve not just the Institution, but  society  and the communities they live in.

It has been impossible to recognize the service and dedication of everyone  and for those who missed out this year, 2011 will surely bring an Award.

I hope you all have an enjoyable evening and once again, congratulations  to all who have won an Award tonight and thank you to all who have  supported the 2010 Awards.

Some photos from the night:

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Specially commissioned Medals by the District to celebrate the Awards night.

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